Company Policy

​Company Policy

To enable us to achieve our objectives, Rose Realty adheres to a strict company policy

1. Accountability: At all times, your property will be personally managed or be under the direct control of the owner/s of the business, who are dedicated to ensuring the performance of your asset.

2. Communication: We are able to be contacted every day of the year, (by phone, fax, email), either by you or your tenants, to ensure that if a problem occurs, it is resolved as expediently as possible, with a minimum of discomfort or loss of utility.

3. Accessibility: To ensure that your rental income is always on time, our tenants are able to pay rent in person, by cheque, Direct Debit, or by Direct Banking.

4. Control: Our office systems provides us with the ability to process rent arrears on a daily basis, maintain currency of lease agreements, pay accounts by the due date, log and follow up maintenance queries to ensure timely and trouble free remedial action, and electronic diary generated action reminders to make sure we don't overlook any of the important things that are often missed and cause frustration to owners and tenants alike.

5. Feedback: Our communications and reporting systems have been designed to provide owners and tenants with meaningful and timely feedback to ensure that preventative maintenance is carried out when it is required, and that if a problem occurs, it is reported and rectified before it becomes a source of major concern.

6. Asset Management: Our systems and experience combine to ensure that:

a. Your property is maintained in peak income producing condition;

b. Tenant selection procedures virtually eliminate problem tenants, thereby ensuring that your property is cared for and its presentation maintained.

c. Our control measures ensure predictable cash flow from your investment.

d. Your investment continues to perform to its optimum capacity, thereby ensuring your return on capital.

7. Fees & Charges: We endeavour to contain our fees and charges to ensure that they do not adversely impact on your investment profitability, and while being fully tax deductible, will always be agreed between you and us in writing, as part of our Management Agreement.

Simply by following and believing in our Company Policy and maintaining a level of service that ensures our customers satisfaction and continues to surpass their expectation Rose Realty will always maintain it's position as a leader in the industry of Management and Sales of Real Estate.